Google Play Policy Violation

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Hello Today My application got removed from the play store becuase of the policy violation. The mail from Google says that “Your app is using the Jiguang SDK, which is uploading users installed packages information without a prominent disclosure.” so I want to ask weather is there any option to turn this off ? Or how do I know which information is being uploded by the library ? I am using both JPush, JMessage, JCore Libries in My Project.

Please use the version of google Play to integrate and go to the store
You can just replace JCore.

Hi, Thanks for reply. I have replaced all the files and currently using Google play version but I am also using the JMessage Library but now i am not able to send message as it is giving me error Push register not finished. I am using JMessage v2.4.0 and JPush version 3.3.4 with JCore Google Play 2.1.2. So waht should i do in this case ?

Please provide complete client log information.

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